Saturday, December 15, 2012

Her Golden Spring

Predicted to be an average fare,
yet I had strong reasons
to catch this Telugu-Tamil urban romance
before most of this world does.

and the seemingly plot-plotting lyrics.
'At times magic, and then tragic;
the flame of the sun, or the misty rain;
bliss or pain,
what are you?' demands the Tamil woman lover.
Reservations I had,
the director's last was a soulless show.
But there was something more about this,
I could see through.

So I run to it before the reviews
all by myself. 
I want to feel.

Very local 'theater' - 1 rupee samosas.
First thing in the morning, 1 balcony please!
1? Ladies? - Yes, ladies, okate.
Sit, crouch near the counter, till they open the glass doors.
Why can't everyone stop giving me that knowing look that I'm alone?

Some heavy trivial questions.
Will this movie be any different?
Oh, will you stop staring at me already?
Why am I not carrying money for snacks?
What if someone misbehaves like the last time?
Is that uncle my relative?
Does the college crowd look like they'd spoil the movie?
When will more women hang out alone?

Enter 45+ yr old woman.
A little disoriented, she does look. Clearly uncomfortable, but she will carry on.
How many tickets is she buying?

Wow, all by herself!

Perhaps I should ask her if she needs company.

Or maybe not. What if she's a loner?

Exit the 45+ yr old woman.

Black ticket seller? Naah, looks too schooled for that.

15 minutes to the movie.

What's her thought on the plot?

Did she too rush for Raja?

Will I get popcorn and small cool drink under 25 rupees?

Why did she look so...sad?

What's her story? Could this be her love story?

5 minutes.

Is this guy seated next to me a threat?

Has she entered?

Oh yes, let me see her reaction when the music peaks.

Why shouldn't she come for Nani?

Her lost lover?

Or Samantha?

Her boring husband?

Menon, someone else?

Or nothing!


Immersed, self.

Aah, romance and Raja.

Oho, couple fight scenes without cut.

Not bad, Menon.

Ohkay, feminist-humanist cringe factors here and there.

Candy floss nonsense and make it all sweet, eh?

Is 'love' this patient?

Am I impatient? Should I learn from Nitya's grace?

Only beautiful girls get second chances aa?

Ooh, emphasis on memories.

Tears, for various reasons.

Alright that's it. Only Raja.


45+, where are you?

I expected myself

to find out - from the corner of my eye -

what moves you, if any.

I want too catch a glimpse of the post-cinema You

without being intrusive, of course

and wonder if you are me, 20 years from now.

Should I walk back to home or take a bus without ticket?

I want to look into your eyes now! Have they gained some cinematic closure, like mine?

Hey you whispering staring bunches, so what if I watched a romantic movie all alone?

Ouch! Hey me! So what if She watched it alone?

I'm sorry, 45+..oops, woman. Person.