Thursday, November 25, 2010

love in the time of..

we're tired of the ways of the world,
and listen to what our heart says..
we elope to that hill we dream of, together.

we build a home of straw,
walk around the greens,
pluck fruits, lit bonfires,
all just enough for us.

and then there'll be a day
when lightning would struck me
or a snake would bite you
and the world would teach its children..
look what the fools did to themselves!
madness kills, life is in the balance.

but how are they to know of the feeling
that we share, my love
when we are our own world,
secure in our thoughts, free from fear..
and what would the preachy world learn
of the beauty of life, that's not about existing,
but about living..?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

at the office

The eyes shut.
Tired are they?
Of the sights seen,
The light’s sheen,
The explosion of colour,
The fatigue of the heat,
The gloom of rains, silence of the cold,
Of all that life has to offer,
Or asks in return;
In totality, the very morbidity of it all?

Aware are they,
Of this very eventual irony?
Is this why they rest in sleep,
Waking up to the world inside..?
That space where there is no money,
White and black are just colours,
And each shade is, therefore it is.
And you call me asleep,
As I shut myself
From the mundane drama
And treat myself to the reality within.

My eyes for sure know
That all of it is a joke.
Whether they read up omnibuses
Or witness scientific processes,
They know that the real world
Is the one they are often told
To shut themselves from,
On the opaque side of the mirror.
So I let them perch
And let the stage become a prop in itself
To live at peace
With the violence within.
I let myself sleep.

Monday, March 29, 2010


as a child,
i learnt cycling,
the beauty in idling,
enjoyed siestas,
made friends, played so many games
that now i cant recall their names;
many more have been the ways
to grow with fun,
unmindful of the scorching sun
in the magical span of holidays.

these were the times
for kids to grow, they say..
a well-deserved break
from the lessons in rooms.
to start new hobbies, hone skills,
for it's not just books that build.

im now an 'adult', or at least
that's what they ascribe me
as being.
and the sad part?
i never knew when i became one..
and on some contemplation,
i also doubt
if i would ever be,
for the child in me
is what keeps me alive.

as i introspect on that,
i start to ask myself..
have i given the time
to Me?
to discover the person i am,
the identity that i dont have an idea of.
when i've taken
9 months to be born,
and many years to be formed;
doesn't I need some time
to itself,
to become what i am..?

i need time
to think, to weigh,
to judge, to find,
learn, appreciate,
thank, pray..
a time to love, my self too!
time to look into the world,
find my spot in it,
make a World of my own,
and become the I
that is a world in itself.

if all this is too much to ask for,
then we all need to stop growing
right when we drop in,
on this planet, this society.
for what's the use
in not becoming the I's and We's,
a world unto the Self?
we'd rather be machines, rock or nothing
than humans who are gifted to think,
but only learn to undo this trait
and make a joke out of it
by calling it..

Friday, March 26, 2010


Ideals, ideologies, or the lack of them, CHANGE, compromise, realization, adaptation, pain,suffocation, space, possessiveness, commitment, want, hope, insecurity, lies – both inward and outward, togetherness, support, compassion, intimacy, truth-both micro and macro, dreams, and the great Indian mentality of marriage.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

long long ago

an idea struck me
made me smile
gave me pride.
gave me wings
n i looked into the mirror.
that's all i did,
for i was busy
cherishing what i owned
and was lost
in myself.

i played with it
in my head:
how id blog about it,
add romance to it
in a lyrical style,
touch hearts, wet eyes,
bring myself a name and fame
to satiate my self.

me as i am,
i made myself open
to many more ideas.
visuals, feelings,
words, sounds,
tastes, perspectives,
name it and you have it.
the wide web welcomed me
an insect
but who willingly got trapped
in and sunk into
it all by itself.

then followed saturation
information all around,
me the observer.
too many people,
too much hunger,
convolutions, power politics,
religion, blindfolds,
opiated vents, skyscrappers,
palm islands, diamond mafia,
name it and you have it.
i couldn't even remember
that i had an idea
nor can i recollect what it was, now.
for there have been
many more like that since,
as i remain an observer
all unto myself.

the change

yes, that post i made 2 months ago holds some value now.
lethargy, lack of motivation, (misplaced?) sense of content(ment), distractions, and the rest in myself - that's old abhi for you.
and the new one? i din't say she's any different! (playing safe.) what value she now holds is because she's typing this down, now.
what made her do it? a lot of abstinence from work, a lack of sense of purpose, and the like, which obviously follow months of nothingness.. and add to that, love. yeah.


love..this may be an oft-discussed issue on this blog. love..something just struck me.
probably, the closest word to state an example of what all this about, is the very word, 'state'.
state and State. love and Love. similar properties, big difference.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

here comes the change as i call it