Tuesday, October 18, 2011

found and lost

Then and now, the games of time, my Love,
the myriad knots in my head thus brought about.
Funny how, I kept yearning for more
even when we believed we're twin souls..
Caught momentarily in the spin of earthly life.

Oh how our madness turned into a way of the life we shared..
how reckless were we, and what joy it brought to us!
Irony, Brother, the way your frolic chose its own path,
swiftly bereaving me of the magic life has been for two years

It's ok, my Child! As you say, we will probably meet again,
at a place where there are no neurons :)
I'm not complaining, Ma, it's not your fault.
But I can't help but point to the anguish i feel now..

When I realize that I'm in the midst of all that I wanted
until a few days ago -
- there are friends, jokes, compliments, cheers, late-night liberation!
But one thing that makes life 'Life', is missing.
That's you, my Passion..


  1. O.O I only wish I could express my thoughts like you do!

  2. 'Life' will always be missing till you search a way 2 find it. Phase. will pass. Love. will remain forever.

    and some of your words made my heart reach out to you. so I guess it is well written :)

  3. @krizna, i wish i could "express" my thoughts ra. and, do u really want to do it? im no ace to suggest, but just write it down bey!

    @express, thank u da. it should've been better-written, but tumne bhaavnaaon ko samajh liya na :) and..Operation Finding LIFE going on!